We have translated our experience in working on several commercialization projects across various domains into well-designed workshops to transfer this knowledge effectively to the participants. The workshops are an optimal mix of classroom teaching, expert talks, hands-on tasks and case studies - thus providing both tangible and intangible gains.

In case of Corporate Clients that would like to run workshops for their staff we design custom workshops covering the key areas related to Innovation and Commercialization that are aligned to the needs of the company.

The key areas covered by our Workshops are:-

Investment pitching

An innovative idea is similar to a product or service - it needs to be sold to prospective investors by leveraging the key strengths of the idea that are most aligned to the requirements of the investor(s). In these Investment pitching workshops experts cover areas like identifying key strengths, understanding the various types of investors and their requirements and finally train in pitching to these investors.

Innovation related

We conduct workshops in a wide range of topics related to Innovation with a few example areas such as - How to tap the innovation quotient of your staff in a SME; How to upgrade management and appraisal processes to be 'innovation aware'; How to update research processes to bring the output closer to commercialization; and several such topics.

Entrepreneurship related

With a team that has been involved in entrepreneurship at various stages of their careers we have a diverse knowledge base in this area and the expertise to share this knowledge effectively to potential candidates attending the workshops. The areas covered range from - what needs to be done to help taking the first step into this field - to - what can be done if you failed in your project, how you can take the tangibles and intangibles with you.

Startup related

Start-ups, due to their unique combination of properties of starting small, with new ideas, limited resources and high potential, have their own set of conditions and requirements for running successfully. With our experience working with several start-ups around the world we expose these requirements to the workshop attendees and train them to address them.