Do you have an idea that you need help implementing? Are you looking to invest in a business and would like to evaluate its present and future value? Do you need support to approach investors for funding your business idea or business expansion?

Contact us with your challenge or idea and we will provide customized solutions to suit your needs built around well-defined timelines and deliverables allowing you take each step with us. We provide support services across the value chain of the commercialization process.

The key areas we cover under Consulting are:-

Business Definition

We consult with the client team to help them identify the key business definition - what is/are the products or services offered, what are the unique parameters of this business that help define the strengths that can be leveraged and weakness that need to be overcome.

Business plan

Our business plan building solutions are based on a consultative process where the client is kept involved in each stage of the plan thus walking them through the business plan building process and equipping them with the knowledge and exposure to implement the plan and if needed even upgrade it in the future. This process answers several key questions for the business regarding what needs to be done to effectively run this business, what is the scale of investment needed and the potential returns based on this investment and what are the key risks that need to be addressed.

Marketing plan

Under the marketing plan consulting process we provide highly relevant and customized marketing solutions based on parameters like the products and services of the business, the market they are trying to reach, the likes and dislikes of this market and the strategic integration of various marketing media.

Business model

Under Business Model consulting we work with the clients to help them identify the critical parameters for the business like what are the key revenue streams for the business, who are the key customers and users, what is the operational plan in the short and long term, etc. This is relevant to existing businesses also as this process is helpful in understanding their current operations and identifying areas of expansion or diversification.

Marketing collaterals

With our diverse team of consultants operating around the globe we leverage their expertise and exposure in the various markets and sectors to design, develop and integrate marketing collaterals that are highly relevant to your business and are sensitive to the market needs. We provide support in developing a wide range of marketing material ranging from simple sales brochures to advance and tiered marketing kits containing presentations, brochures and demos.

Strategic planning

We provide strategic planning consulting based on a wide range of client requirements such as - commercializing a new product or project, expanding to new regions, expanding to new demographics, scaling down product range to improve profitability, building a long term plan for product line expansion, etc.

Evaluation of potential licensees

You have developed a ground breaking technology but don't have the resources to commercialize it - so you are looking for potential licensees. Or your company is looking to expand to foreign markets but don't want to invest in building the infrastructure in that region - so you would like to develop a regional licensee. For these and other similar cases we identify the potential licensees that are relevant to the technology or business and evaluate these licensees for potential matches.

Deal structuring

We consult with clients in the domain of Deal structuring - we provide solutions in terms of identifying the various relevant deals that are suitable to the clients' needs and depicting the advantages and the challenges of the key deals. This information will help the client in negotiating the best deal that meets their requirements and also help them manage their expectations in terms of the returns from these deals.

Transition from research project to startup

We provide consulting services to research teams that are looking to transition their research project to start-ups. This covers the complete value chain of services in the commercialization process starting from understanding the project in terms of target market and technology and ending with the detailed business plan for implementing the start-up.

Startup support

We leverage our expertise and experience, gained by involvement in various start-ups around the world, to provide consulting and support services for new start-ups to implement and upgrade their detailed business plan.