Mentoring and Coaching

In the above components we cover the complete value chain of business planning and implementation - we share our expertise in each of these areas with the help of well-designed and practically developed Training and Mentoring modules in the Business Planning domain. The uniqueness about our modules is that they are constantly evolving based on the challenges and key points we face while implementing various projects across the globe. So what you will be learning from us is a fusion of text book fundamentals and real life challenges - resulting in bridges and doors to your dream businesses.

The key areas we cover under Mentoring and Coaching are:-

Investment readiness

It is a popular misconception that a business can always use investment. But the effectiveness of the investment depends on the timing (in terms of how much amount is used when and for what), amount of investment and even the source of investment (VC funding, Equity funding, etc.). We provide mentoring and coaching services to coach the client team these nuances of investment readiness.

Investment pitching

An innovative idea is similar to a product or service - it needs to be sold to prospective investors by leveraging the key strengths of the idea that are most aligned to the requirements of the investor(s). Through our Investment pitching mentoring and coaching experts cover areas like identifying key strengths, understanding the various types of investors and their requirements and finally train in pitching to these investors.


We integrate and design mentoring and coaching modules, from the wide chain of services we provide for business planning, strategy and implementation, that best suit the business needs of the client and are sensitive to the characteristics of the target team with the client that will be coached. One key advantage we hold is our diverse team that has worked across various sectors, diverse regions and at multiple levels of value chain of businesses - this knowledge is bundled and transferred to the client teams through the mentoring process.


Innovation and Technology go hand-in-hand - in most cases innovation is the process of using existing technology or develop new technology to solve the problems of a target market and target client base. Under the Technology mentoring and coaching services we build a module based on the domain of the client and include technology and business experts from this domain to effectively coach the team the integrated parameters for technology and business needed to innovate in the client's domain.